The Portugal Football Observatory was created in March 2021 under the Portugal Football School umbrella, the investigation and development branch of the Federação Portuguesa de Futebol. The core of the Portugal Football Observatory, under the guidance of the FPF board, is the interdepartmental collaboration between the Intelligence and Fan Support department and the Performance and Health unit and the Portugal Football School itself.

The goal of the Portugal Football Observatory is to gather and analyze different data that allow continuous control and understanding of football. The term “football” is to be understood, here in particular but also in broader terms, as the aggregator of the several varieties of the sport, such as futsal, beach soccer and eFootball, while also amassing all age groups, genders and competitive levels.

To realize its goal – according to the principles detailed in the Vision, Mission and Values of the FPF – the Portugal Football Observatory uses its data analysis and scientific investigation of the football sporting and cultural movement to identify problems and trends as well as learn and educate.

The Portugal Football Observatory offers an advanced discussion and debate platform, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge towards a more sustainable development of football in Portugal.

These are the goals of the Portugal Football Observatory: to support communication and excellence in both investigation and the practice of football; to develop the ability to disseminate knowledge in order to improve policy and sports practice; to create partnerships in global collaborations to advance the research and practice of football.